A company needs a soul – and our soul is society. Because we believe that personal satisfaction can only evolve in a free, creative and communal environment in which every employee experiences appreciation and security.

As a team, our developers, business economists and linguists work together to achieve our goals and to implement a superb, highly profitable marketing automation solution for the customer.

As part of the Otto Group, our employees not only benefit from the many advantages of being part of a large corporation, they also benefit from the power of an established corporate culture with common values.

The company values of the Otto Group

A company lives by its values. They determine the corporate culture and shape cooperation. They must be crafted, pursued and, above all, supported by the employees.

Each individual Group company within the Otto Group has its own culture and spirit.
What unites us all is the responsibility for our actions.

Fairness, transparency, an open and partnership-based approach to one another and respect in dealing with natural resources: every single colleague in the Otto Group is encouraged to assume their share of responsibility in order to pursue these values.

Right from the start, employees enjoy a great deal of trust and freedom with us. The companies in the Otto Group encourage a responsible and independent way of working, creativity and innovation, bold action and solution-oriented thinking. In return, they provide the exact support that the employee needs: transparency, development opportunities and constructive mutual feedback.

I enjoy working at adSoul because I like to be faced with different challenges every day and I have lots of creative freedom.

I work in a team that constantly spurs each other on to achieve maximum performance and that’s something I like.

Furthermore, I am constantly challenged to step out of my comfort zone and to develop new and innovative solutions together with our partners.

This means that I’m not only growing professionally, but I’m also noticing how I’m personally maturing.

Jannik Wegert – Senior Key Account Manager