Case Study: Automatically better!

How freenet Mobile uses automation with adSoul to increase efficiency and improve performance

Anyone who intensively carries out search engine and performance marketing will have certainly already noticed: The saying “No pain, no gain” is more apt here than in almost any other marketing discipline.

The job of an SEA manager involves many small-scale and manually complex tasks, the number of which is growing exponentially with greater accuracy and increasing bid volume. As a result, SEA accounts cannot be structured and managed in the best possible way due to a lack of time. Exactly these are of great importance in performance marketing. Limited time and manpower therefore have a direct impact on the performance of search engine marketing and stand in the way of a successful growth strategy and greater efficiency.

freenet Mobile also faced this increasing challenge. Together we tested what adSoul can do for freenet's search engine marketing. Find out all details about the test now in our new case study and find out how we were able to convince freenet so much that they now want to use adSoul for more accounts like "" and "mobilcom-debitel"!

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