adSoul was developed to make search engine marketing on Google and Bing more efficient, more scalable and more manageable. It is aimed at companies for whom perfect search engine marketing is an essential part of their business model. For these companies, adSoul provides important competitive advantages and a significant edge in terms of knowledge.

adSoul draws its enormous power from six important features.

adSoul’s process for automated search engine marketing – entity recognition, keyword posting, account structuring, ad generation, landing page determination

Entity recognition

The core of adSoul is the linguistic processing and interpretation of words and the tracing back to their content (entity). Constantly developed speech processing and artificial intelligence methods reliably categorise even large quantities of keywords into topics. This enables perfectly matching content to be automatically assigned to any word.

Keyword posting

adSoul posts keywords automatically and directly into the Google and Bing ad accounts via API interfaces. With the help of entity recognition and the associated classification of keyword components, each keyword is posted clearly and uniquely in the account. This independence makes it possible to upload and post any keyword files in adSoul. The selection of keyword options in which the keyword is posted can be customised.

Account structure

adSoul posts keywords in a uniform and organised structure. The account structure allows easy orientation within the accounts. In addition, the granular campaign structure means that exactly the right ad and landing pages can be stored for the keywords.

Ad generation

adSoul uses the components of previously interpreted keywords for the automated creation of uniform ad texts and supplements them with suitable site links. For each keyword, several specific ads are created in the Google and Microsoft Advertising accounts. In doing so, adSoul supports all common ad formats and thus enables thousands of ads to be individually adapted in no time at all, for example, seasonally or during promotions.

Landing page determination

adSoul receives a selection of landing pages, which are assigned to the keywords by means of entity recognition. The landing pages that apply to a keyword go through a scoring process to determine the best possible landing page. Content pages such as category or brand pages can be used as landing pages, as well as entry points for the internal search. The keywords receive their own specific landing page, meaning that the user’s intention is optimally responded to.

Quality management

adSoul checks the posted keywords on a daily basis and undertakes various other quality assurance routines. Each landing page is checked for accessibility, availability and service and the result is synchronised with the ads accounts. This enables large amounts of keywords to be reliably managed without the need for extra effort.