We believe in the sheer inexhaustible potential of human creativity. That’s why we do everything we can to give our customers more room to exploit this potential – by consistently automating activities that contribute little to corporate added value.

By doing so, we concentrate on the area of search engine marketing, which is becoming increasingly important. After all, it is precisely here that the costs are constantly rising in line with technical progress and the growing diversity of available advertising options.

adSoul is designed to process a huge amount of long-tail keywords in a structured and meaningful way and to place ads onto optimally selected landing pages that are an exact match. In this way, the SEA manager can gain valuable time which can be used specifically for strategic campaign control – because despite a high degree of automation it retains full decision-making powers and influence.

adSoul is able to achieve significant competitive advantages by enabling advertisers to continuously expand search engine marketing with maximum financial and personnel efficiency as well as maximum transparency and controllability.