Business Development

Sebastian has gathered experience with different E-Commerce services in the sales area and online marketing for over 12 years. At adSoul he is responsible for sales and tries to inspire new clients for our solution. 



Henrik has been working in software development for over ten years and now also feels at home in online marketing! Working on solutions that really help the customer – that is his passion.



Marcus is a passionate java developer for over ten years now. He is fascinated by technical topics as well as implementation of complex tasks. Especially important to him – next to a good mood – is good code quality.


Account Management

Jannik has been working in online marketing for 9 years. At ChannelPilot he has been responsible for building the company and client base. At adSoul he takes on the role of the key account manager, who always looks after our customers with positive energy.



Marie is a real believer. As SEA manager she was an enthusiastic adSoul user before she decided working on the development of the tool herself. The most important thing for her is optimizing the tool for the users. 



Sara’s heart is beating for linguistics. She has a burning interest for use cases of language in every day life and works on the entity recognition and ‚Natural Language Processing‘ for adSoul.



Hendrik has been developing software for over 3 years now. He is highly motivated to push forward the product on the technical side. His young and dynamic character doesn’t only help him professionally but also on the handball court in his free time. 



Martin has been in the world of bits and bytes for over 15 years and tries to make every day a little bit more friendly with enthusiasm and passion. After taking a little break Martin is part of our team again this summer.



Our TypeScript expert and OpenSource enthusiast Christopher first dabbled in software development over six years ago. His main focus are first class quality code. His motto: „stop worrying and trust the compiler“. 



Torben has been working in IT for over 10 years. After a long time in online shopping he now applies his knowledge on the other side of online marketing. When programming a sustainable code is of importance to him and with his long-sighted nature he manages to avoid problems in advance.



Jonas has been a developer for over 6 years. He is always ready to try new technologies to always keep updated. He also focuses on diversity in programming languages themselves.



Florian can look back on a long experience in software development. Programming is his passion and he is always interested in the newest technologies and programming paradigms. Always following the principle to think outside of the box to solve a problem.



Malte supports us regularly in the areas of frontend and backend development. Right now he studies Computer Science at the TU in Hamburg.



Leona is very passionate about design and is providing a consistent look and feel for adSoul. Next to her work as a UI/UX designer she is also interested in new technologies and their impact on users.


Managing Director

Thomas realized early on that it isn’t motivating to do repetitive tasks. He planned to change that – with adSoul. He worked in online marketing for ten years before that and started his career in a subsidiary company of the Otto Group as a search engine marketing manager. 


Office Management

Cindy is the good soul of our team. As office assistant she is taking care of organizational tasks all around daily work in the office and events.