Outstanding solutions can only be created with genuine enthusiasm and a team that encourages each other.

Henrik (Development)

Henrik has been in software development for over ten years and feels very much at home in the field of online marketing! His passion is to build solutions that create real value for the customer.

Marie (Product management)

Marie's passion for her work is based on genuine conviction. As a SEA manager, she was an avid adSoul user for over a year before she decided to work on the development of the tool herself. She is particularly interested in further optimizing the tool for the benefit of the customer.

Martin (Development)

Martin has been travelling the world of bits and bytes for over 15 years and tries to brighten it up every day with enthusiasm and passion. After a short interruption Martin is now back on our team since this summer.

Christopher (Development)

Our TypeScript expert and OpenSource lover Christopher has been involved in software development for six years. His specialties are first class code quality and absolute type security. His motto: "stop worrying and trust the compiler".

Torben (Development)

Torben has has worked in IT for over ten years. After a long period of online shopping, he now brings his knowledge to online marketing. A sustainable code is important to him when programming and with the help of his far-sighted nature he manages to avoid problems in advance.

Jonas (Development)

Jonas has been working in development for over 6 years. He is always willing to try new technologies in order to stay up to date while also valuing diversity in the programming languages themselves.

Florian (Development)

Florian can draw on many years of experience in software development. Programming is his passion and he is always interested in the latest technologies and programming paradigms. Always according to the motto, to look beyond one's own nose to solve a problem.

Malte (Development)

Malte supports us regularly in the front- and backend area. He is currently studying Computer Science at the Technical University in Hamburg.

Leona (UX)

Leona is a design lover and provides us with a harmonious appearance and intuitive use. Besides her work as a UI/UX designer, she is also interested in new technologies and their influence on users.

Thomas (Managing Director)

Thomas was quick to realize that it is not particularly motivating to do the same work over and over again. He decided to change things - with adSoul. He has been working in online marketing for over ten years and started his professional career as a search engine marketing manager in a subsidiary of the Otto Group.

Cindy (Office Management)

Cindy is our team's good soul. As an office assistant she takes care of all organizational matters concerning daily office work as well as events.

Hendrik (Development)

Hendrik has been working in software development for over three years. He is fully motivated to promote the technical progress of the product. His young and dynamic nature not only benefits him on the job, but also when playing handball in his free time.

Sarah (Linguistics)

Sarah's heart beats for linguistics. She is highly interested in the practical use cases of language in everyday life and continues to develop entity recognition and natural language processing at adSoul.

Jannik (Account management)

Jannik has been working in online marketing for nine years. At ChannelPilot he was responsible for building up the company and its customers. At adSoul he takes on the role of Key Account Manager, who supports customers in the area of search engine marketing automation with a lot of positive energy.

Markus (Development)

Markus has been a passionate Java developer for over ten years. He is enthusiastic about technical topics, but also about the implementation of technically complex tasks. Besides good humor, good code quality is especially important to him.

Sebastian (Business Development)

Sebastian was able to gain experience in sales and online marketing for over twelve years at various e-commerce service providers. At adSoul he has taken over the sales department and tries to win new customers with all of his heart and soul.

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